Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Taking Them, But Not Dishing Them Out

There has been a lot of talk this season about Hansbrough and his propensity for getting to the free throw line. To back that up here are some stats:

  • Tyler is 13th in the country with a free throw rate of 75.5%. This measures a player’s ability to get the line using the number of free throws shot per 100 field goal attempts. That coupled with his 73.7% FT shooting has made him extremely efficient and 2nd in the league in scoring.
  • Tyler is 8th in the country in free throws attempted (tied with Redick and right behind Shelden Williams).
  • Hansbrough leads the ACC in free throw attempts per game. He averages 8.4% (243 in 29 games) versus Shelden Williams who averages 7.4% (245 in 33 games). This link provides some perspective on where Hansbrough falls in ACC history.
  • I can't find an up-to-date stat on his traditional three point plays, but as of Feb. 26 he had 38 opportunities. Since then, he hasn't slowed down.
  • Finally, against NC State on Jan. 7th he shot (and made all) 14 free throws.
On the flip-side, Hansbrough has been extremely good at keeping his opponents off the line and keeping himself in the game. Barry Jacobs makes note of how seldom Hansbrough gets called for fouls.

Freshmen ordinarily draw officials' attention, yet Hansbrough has been called for remarkably few fouls considering how physically he plays. Despite ad nauseam talk of officiating favoritism, Duke big man Shelden Williams, who has blocked 122 shots this season, had three or more fouls in 28 of 33 games.

Hansbrough was called for three or more personals in 17 of 29 games. You can bet this won't escape mention by opposing coaches next season.

Tyler Hansbrough has done an excellent job of staying out of foul trouble. In fact, he has only fouled out of one game all year and that was in the final minutes.

I am sure other coaches will be complaining next year, but if Hansbrough stays the aggressor (which he will) I don't think there is much opposing teams can do to stop Tyler from winning the foul/free throw battle.


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