Saturday, March 11, 2006

UNC/UVA Game Player Grades

Ten days ago I was grading the UNC/UVA game and it was hard to hand out a grade lower than an A. This time out against the Wahoos was nowhere near as pretty, but I think that will provide the motivation needed to take on a tough BC team.

Team Grade: B+
I won't be as hard on the team as Roy Williams was. "Like Coach said, on a scale from 1-to-10, we probably played at a 2," Noel said. Considering this was our team's first neutral court game and many of the player's first ACC tournament game, I'll take it...51% shooting, holding UVA to 28% shooting, and once again winning the rebounding battle (43-36). Final Score: UNC 79, UVA 67

Hansbrough: A-
Once again, UVA seemed to hold Tyler in check as good as any other team in the conference. Despite being doubled and even tripled much of the night, Tyler still walked away with a solid stat line which could have been even better had he knocked down free throws at his normal clip. 17 pts, 11 rbs

Terry: A+
Although Terry missed on his first three long range attempts he didn't get complacent. Rather he started attacking the basket and Joseph couldn't do anything but foul out because of it. Terry's 8 of 13 shooting and 7 of 7 effort from the line locked up player of the game for him and sent UVA packing. 24 pts, 7 rbs

Noel: B+
Despite the double double, I was expecting more from Noel. He had 3 turnovers and I thought all of them could have been avoided by good decision making. Noel's presence on the glass can't be denied though. 10 pts, 11 rbs

Frasor: C
This was Frasor's worst game in a long time. His stat line pretty much shows it all: 0 for 2 shooting, 5 personal fouls, and 16 minutes of action. Also, he couldn't stay in front of UVA's speedy guards. I expect a big game from him today. 0 pts, 2 assts, 0 tos

Miller: A+
Miller did what Miller is supposed to do. Pesky defense, dropping 3's, and even making both of the foul shots on the technical foul. In case you are wondering why he has one of the best offensive ratings in the country, last night was a perfect example. He scored 15 points with an effective field goal percentage of 137.5%. 15pts, 0 assts, 0 tos

Thomas: A+
I was a bit nervous (after all the good press Thomas got this week) that he would slump in this game. Fortunately he didn' fact he stepped up. With Frasor on the bench, QT took over. He forced two jump balls in the 2nd half, made a great save when the ball was going out of bounds, and kept up with UVA's quick guards. 3 pts, 6 assts, 2 tos, 24 min

Ginyard: B+
Despite hitting screens and hitting the floor hard, Ginyard did a good job defending UVA's guards in the 2nd half. While he snapped his double digit scoring streak, he continued to look like he he has found his role in the offense. 6 pts, 1 asst, 2 tos

Green: C
This has to be Green's worst outing in awhile...he didn't even get his trademark block. I have gotten used to a few stupid turnovers, because normally he balances it out with some big shots. Not last night though. Also, his lateral defense on small guards looks like a liability. 4 pts, 3 rbs, 4 tos

Sanders: No grade because of only 6 minutes of action. What happened there?


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